Wednesday, April 13, 2005

My job is to not do what I don't want to do

The title of this entry comes from Nikki Giovanni, one of my favorite poets. It comes from a poem of hers called "Choices", which starts like this:

if i can't do
what i want to do
then my job is to not
do what i don't want
to do

it's not the same thing
but it's the best i can

That's my job right now, not doing what I don't want to do. But for years now, I've wanted to start my own business. There are a myriad of reasons, many of which will probably unfold on this blog, but the chief one that comes to mind for me right now is the concept of Choices.

Choosing what I want to do, when I want to do it is the cornerstone of having my own business. That's not so limiting of a concept, because I want to do a lot of things, and I understand that once I choose to do something there may be many steps along the way which aren't as fulfilling or interesting as other steps, but have to be accomplished in order to finish. The more I think about that cornerstone and let it sink in, the more selfish it seems--and I think I'm okay with that. From sunrise to sunset, time is all I really have, and I want more control over that time than working for someone else gives me.

This blog will be the story of the process (psychologically, emotionally, intellectually, and mundanely) of my wife and I starting our own business as wedding photographers. Most of the process will be from my point of view because my wife really isn't a blog writer, but she may poke her way into the comments occasionally.


At 12:43 PM, Blogger annalisa said...

honey, this is exciting! your photography has left me breathless on more than one occasion. i wish you and J. the heights of success. go team!

At 8:22 PM, Blogger SJ said...

Thank you for your gracious compliment. And thank you for your good wishes. I'm definitely excited, too!


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