Friday, April 15, 2005

Pass the time

J. (that's my wonderful wife) and I realize that I need something to occupy my time in these beginning stages--during the wait. So, I have a nice new planner to fill out. Both my best friend and my wife created planners from blank journals, so I've done that too. I have my list of 52 questions to go through and answer (the answers to which I imagine will become a part of this blog as well). And I need to figure out how and where to promote a wedding photography business with a minimum of cash, since Craigslist will only get us so much exposure.

I feel that networking is probably my best option right now in regard to promotion. J. and I have already photographed one wedding and got rave comments from all parties involved. That has the potential of turning into future clients. I'm a member of Slow Food Huron Valley and Michigan Norml, so making certain that our desire to start photographing weddings with any people I get to know there could prove fruitful. There's also always my work and my wife's.


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